Call for Special Session

ECITCON 2021 proposals for Special Sessions within the technical scope of the conference. Special sessions supplement the regular program of the conference and provide a sample of the state-of-the-art research in both academia and industry in special, novel topics and innovative applications of a new approach. Special-session proposals should be submitted by the prospective organizer(s) who will commit to promoting and handling the review process of their special session as Chairs or Co-Chairs of the event.

For the paper submission of Special Sessions, the paper must be submitted through the ECTI submission system (via EDAS) like regular papers by the due date.

Selection of invited authors

  1. Each organized session should have a minimum of 5 papers that will not be subject to the regular review process, the special session organizers have full authority in soliciting and accepting papers for the session.
  2. Each session is limited to no more than 2 organizer and the session organizer can assign a chair and a co-chair for the session.

Organizer benefits:

  1. For 5 papers per session, special session organizers are entitled to discounted registration for two (2) chairs’ participation, which discount at 60% off the published ECTI/IEEE member early-registration rate for each chair.
  2. For 3 papers per session, special session organizers are entitled to discounted registration for a chair (only (1)), which discounts at 50% off the published ECTI/IEEE member early-registration.
  3. Organizers must identify the special session authors designated to receive the discounted registrations by January 10, 2021 by contacting ecticon2021@eng.cmu.ac.th in order to receive special registration instructions.
  4. All other participants of the special session, including accepted authors, and other invitees, are required to register and pay registration fees.

Proposals Include the Following Information:

  • Title;
  • Name(s) of organizer(s);
  • Email of main contact person;
  • Brief description;
  • Please provide all the information requested above in PDF or Word format by E-mail to Special Session Chair: ecticon2021@eng.cmu.ac.th

SS1: Special Session on Resonant Power Converters and its Applications

Session Organizer(s): Chainarin Ekkaravarodome (KMUTNB, Thailand) Email: chainarin.e@eng.kmutnb.ac.th


Resonant power converter as one of the most popular topologies in power electronics system. This topology is the key enabling technique for the high-frequency and high-efficiency applications and it can easily increase charm for various industrial and home devices. This special session aims offers an opportunity for both academic researchers and industrial engineers to exchange the latest simulation and/or experimental results, as well as the future development directions. Resonant power converters and its applications session cover a wide range of topics, specific emerging technology, and techniques survey that are connected to a common application. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Resonant power converter topologies;
  • Analytical method for resonant power converter;
  • Modelling and control for resonant power converter;
  • Components and EMC designs for resonant power converter;
  • Reviewing previous researches and techniques survey of resonant power converter;
  • Applications of resonant power converter:
    – Wireless power transfer,
    – Induction heating,
    – Power-factor correction,
    – Agricultural devices,
    – Medical and biological devices,
    – High-gain power converter, and etc.
    – High-frequency inverter,
    – High-frequency rectifier, and etc.

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SS2: Special Session on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Session Organizer(s): Aziz Nanthaamonrnphong (PSU, Thailand) Email: aziz.n@phuket.psu.ac.th, Sangsuree Vasupongayya (PSU, Thailand) Email: sangsuree.v@psu.ac.th, and Ekkarat Boonchieng (CMU, Thailand) Email: ekkarat.boonchieng@cmu.ac.th


Nowadays, decision making has been changed by Data Science. Many businesses are applying a data-drive approach on a large scale. The data analytics on the data-driven decision benefits all areas. The data on the data scientist hands can help predict and shape our future.

The purpose of data science and artificial intelligence special session is to bring together researchers, engineers and practitioners interested in data science, artificial intelligence and other aspects of information systems and technology involving advanced applications of data science and artificial intelligence. Topic included (but not limited to):

  • Data Science
  • Data management and quality
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine learning/Deep Learning
  • Related applications in all areas (especially, medical, architectural, tourism, business,
    multicultural, and environment).

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SS3: Special Session on Automation Control System and Smart Technology Applications

Session Organizer(s): Warunee Srisongkram (RMUTSB, Thailand) Email: warunee.s@rmutsb.ac.th


Automation technologies are part of the revolution in respective fields of application to produce, deliver goods and services for industries and commercial fields, which is performed with minimal human assistance. Thus, implementation of automation technologies, techniques and processes improve the efficiency and reliability that were previously performed by humans. Furthermore, the smart technology is applied or integrated with control systems to increase productivity or convenience such as smart devices, smart connected devices or IoT devices including robotic technology etc., that can lead to smart cities, smart factories and smart homes.

This session welcomes papers to submit original contributions for review and publication. The title is Automation Control System and Smart Technology Applications. The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to,

  • Automation control by Microcontroller, PLC, etc.
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and Distributed control systems (DCS), etc.
  • Mechatronics, Robotics, AI
  • IoT applications for smart cities, smart factories, smart farm and smart homes.
  • Automation innovation
  • Smart production process
  • Technology of control applications

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SS4: Special Session on Wireless Power Transfer

Session Organizer(s): Pattana Intani (PIT, Thailand) Email: pattana@pit.ac.th


Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) is widely utilized in many applications after Nikola Tesla proposed its concept. It has become increasingly popular in various applications, such as electronic appliances electric vehicle (EV) charging, UAV, Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGVs), consumer electronics, and robots. This special session therefore attempts to collect such latest idea, improvements, simulations and experimental results in wireless power transfer systems. Moreover, it is a good opportunity to open the floor for researchers, experts and students to share mentioned findings. This session is opening to welcome researcher, expert and student to submit their original contribution papers for review and publication. The topics of interest for submission are listed as following details:

Technical Areas
– Theories and techniques for wireless power transfer
• Inductive power transfer
• Capacitive wireless power transfer
• Magnetic resonance
• Other topics related to theories and technique for wireless power transfer

– Systems and devices for wireless power transfer
• Coils, Resonant Devices, coil array, System modelling, design and simulation
• Resonant converter topologies
• Static and Dynamic Wireless charging
• Applications of wireless power transfer ( Electronics Appliances, EV, Drone, UAV,AUV, Sensors, etc)
• Other topics related to systems and devices for wireless power transfer

– Industries issues for wireless power transfer and RF energy harvesting
• Impact on health for user safety
• Environmental effects
• EMI/EMC, shielding
• IoT and 5G
• Information and Wireless Energy transfer techniques
• Power conditioning and controlling
• Other topics related to industries issues for wireless power transfer and RF energy harvesting

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SS5: Special Session on Antennas and Microwave Technologies for Modern Wireless Communications

Session Organizer(s): Akkarat Boonpoonga (KMUTNB, Thailand) Email: akkarat.b@eng.kmutnb.ac.th

The aim of this special session is to bring together antenna and microwave technology research community for modern wireless communications as well as business community to better understand the needs and challenges of the wireless industry in the 5G and ultimately 6G communication networks and communication satellites.
Antennas are essential component for increasing the length of free-space communication as it is also needed to be embedded on RF/microwave circuits in order to improve and develop the technology of modern wireless communications. Therefore, this session aims to cover both antenna and microwave technologies for modern wireless communications.
It will also inspire a new RF/microwave component with industry and bring new ideas and concepts to the wireless communication technology community.

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SS6: Special Session on Advanced Control and Optimization in Mechatronic and Robotic Systems

SessionOrganizer(s): Matthew Cole (CMU, Thailand) Email: motcole@dome.eng.cmu.ac.th , Theeraphog Wongratanaphisan (CMU, Thailand) Email: theeraphong.wong@cmu.ac.th ,and Niti Kammuang-lue (CMU, Thailand) Email: niti@eng.cmu.ac.th

The integration of electrical, electronic and mechanical systems in modern machines requires increasingly advanced control techniques to ensure efficient and effective operation.

This special session is devoted to the dissemination of results, both theoretical and applied, concerning control and optimization in mechatronic and robotic systems. Techniques may be implemented on-line, through feedback control, or off-line, by using process and design optimization tools. Studies in new and emerging application areas are encouraged, especially, but not exclusively, in the following areas:

• Machines for mechanical processing and manipulation
• Robotic path planning and motion control
• Novel actuation and sensing techniques
• Mobile robots and unmanned aerial vehicles
• Electric vehicles, automotive control and autonomous vehicles
• Mechatronics applications in emerging fields such as renewable energy, space exploration, medical robotics, etc.

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SS7: Special Session on Power Electronics Applications in Renewable Energy, Smart Grid Connect, and Distributed Generation

Session Orgennizer(s): Kittaya Somsai (RMUTI, Thailand) Email: kittaya.so@rmuti.ac.th , and Ekkawid Hayakwong (RMUTI, Thailand) Email: ekkawid@rmuti.ac.th

In recent years, the utilization of power electronics has increased impressively, especially in renewable energy applications.
Therefore, this special session focuses on power electronics applications in renewable energy and the applications related to power distribution systems and smart grid applications.
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

• Power electronics converter topologies, design, and control
• Power electronics in smart grid technologies, applications, and policies
• Power electronics in electrical energy generation, transmission, and distribution
• Power quality, energy consumption
• Power factor correction (PFC) and PFC converters
• Application of Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) and Custom Power Devices (CPDs) in power system
• Active and reactive power flow control
• Uninterruptible power system (UPS)
• High-voltage DC (HVDC) systems and Medium-voltage DC (MVDC) system
• Micro-grid
• Energy efficiency in micro-grids
• Intelligent control of grid-connected converters and inverters
• Power control methods and algorithms Submission procedure

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SS8: Special Session on Microcontroller, Control with the Development of Intelligent Technology in which Agriculture Applications

Session Organizer(s): Chatchai Khuantham (NSRU, Thailand) Email: chatchai.k@nsru.ac.th and Arkira Sonthitham (NSRU, Thailand) Email: patthayawat.s@nsru.ac.th


The use of microcontroller kits, IPC, PLC or modern intelligent boards with a control algorithm requires extremely both theoretical and advances in practical engineering to apply the intelligent controller boards for agriculture applications.
Advanced smart control techniques have been adapted to deal with increasing the productivity of agriculture. These techniques with modern boards, however, require the utilization of optimization or intelligence control method. From this perspective, both, theoretical and practical, contributions combining the microcontrollers and control issues are useful and desirable and highly welcome in this special session.

Topics: All topics related to Microcontroller with a control algorithm for agriculture applications.

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SS9: Special Session on Electrical and Electronic Materials, Devices and Applications

Session Organizer(s): Sumonman Niamlang (RMUTT, Thailand) Email: sumonman.n@rmutt.ac.th, and Nophawan Paradee (KMUTT) Email: nophawan.par@kmutt.ac.th

This special session is the forum on the preparation, characterization, properties, processing of electrical and electronic materials for smart devices and also their applications.

The topics that the special session will include, but not be limited to:
• Fundamentals on design and fabrication of electronic materials and devices
• Stretchable/wearable electronic devices
• Theoretical materials design
• Semiconductors
• Advanced characterization of physical and chemical properties
• Sensor
• Actuator
• Functional materials
• Micro- and nano-fabrication of electric materials
• Biological and biomedical application of electronic material

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SS10: Special Session on Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Session Organizer(s): Chanin Joochim (KMUTNB, Thailand) Email: chanin.j@cit.kmutnb.ac.th, and Temsiri Sapsaman (KMUTNB, Thailand) Email: temsiri.s@eng.kmutnb.ac.th

Technology revolution is coming to Industry 4.0 era. Industry 4.0 is the fourth industrial revolution, represents a new stage in the organization and control of the industrial value chain. Industry 4.0 refers to the intelligent networking of machines and processes for industry with the help of information and communication technology. In order to implement the Industry 4.0, smart sensors, smart machine, smart digital control, artificial intelligent, supply chain management as well as digital twin have to be consider. The modern control with embedded software systems and control via the Internet of Things. Production behavior must use network and can communicate to each device, value creation, and real-time optimization. Cyber-physical systems create the capabilities needed for smart factories.

This session welcomes researchers to submit publication in novel technologies, applications on industry 4.0. Also, the innovation idea about improve production line method by using Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The topic on this session are focusing on
• Smart Factory, Dark Factory, Cyber-Physical System, Smart work system.
• Digital Twin, Human machine collaboration, Digital transformation.
• Intelligent Industrial Internet of Things and applications.
• Big data analysis, Business on digitalization.
• Intelligent automation and production, smart sensor.
• Intelligent digital image processing.
• Data and information for supply chain management.
• Automated data acquisition, 3D printing technology.
• Improve factory to industrial 4.0, networking and integration.
• Centralization and service orientation, Employee qualification improvement.
• AR/VR applications, Visual assistance and inspection system.

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SS11: Special Session on Electrical, Electronic and Smart Community Innovations

Session Organizer(s): Saichol Chudjuajeen (RMUTK, Thailand) Email: saichol.c@mail.rmutk.ac.th, Yutana Chongjarearn (RMUTK, Thailand) Email: yutana.c@mail.rmutk.ac.th, and Nathabhat Phankong (RMUTT, Thailand) Email: nathabhat_p@rmutt.ac.th

Energy consumption and environmental impacts are increasingly forced to create the several emerging trends in the industrial world. Among these trends of sustainable industrial growth, electrification of various traditionally inefficient systems is at the forefront. Many of these emerging applications have highly demanding performance requirements from the electric machines and drive systems. This Special Issue invites articles that address the recent advancements, technical challenges on emerging trends of electrical machines and drives. The emerging applications include but are not limited to power systems and renewable resources, as well as electric vehicles. Articles which deal with the latest hot topics in machines and drives are particularly encouraged.

Topics of interest for publication include, but are not limited to:
• The power electronic applications leading to new innovations use in community or industrial;
• Novel renewable energy converter/inverter systems on smart community;
• Electric machines and drives system;
• Electrification of transport, heavy machineries and industrial processes;
• Direct-drive machines and their drive systems for torque, speed position control using advanced techniques;
• Recent traction systems for vehicles, trains and ships;
• Robotics and automation innovations;
• Emerging Electric Machines and Drive Systems Technologies;
• Electrical and electronic on smart farming innovations.

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SS12: Special Session on Advances Technology in Power Systems

Session Organizer(s): Nattachote Rugthaicharoencheep (RMUTP, Thailand) Email: nattachote@ieee.org


The aim of this special session is designed to inform, inspire and innovate, to foster participation and exchange for power system, energy and innovations, and also where you will meet and network with researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, experiences and concerns in the field of power engineering, renewable energies, energy systems and innovations.

Topics: All topics related to advances technology in power systems.

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SS13: Special Session on High Voltage Technology and Power System Management

Session Organizer(s): Thanapong Suwanasri (KMUTNB, Thailand) Email: thanapong.s.epe@tggs-bangkok.org , and Cattareeya Suwanasri (KMUTNB, Thailand) Email: cattareeya.s@eng.kmutnb.ac.th


Highlights: Economic crisis has enforced to provide a better quality of electricity under lower operating and maintenance cost and new capital investment. New advanced HV engineering, technology, and application as well as effective condition monitoring, diagnostic and management in power system and apparatuses are of prime importance to gain maximum benefit of utility. In addition, asset management and risk assessment are current novel issues to maintain the high reliability on the power asset and the system while big data analysis and management are unavoidable to reach the highest power customers’ satisfaction. Therefore, all the topics relevant to high voltage technology and power system management are invited to join this session.

Topics: All topics related to high voltage and power system management such as [see below]
• High Voltage Engineering and Technology
• High Voltage Apparatus and Application
• Power System Economics and Management
• Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics
• Asset Management and Risk Assessment
• Data Analysis and Management

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SS14: Advances on Electrical Engineering/Electronics, Computer, Telecommunications and Information Technology and Applications

Session Organizer(s): Uthen Kamnarn (RMUTL, Thailand) Email: uthen@rmutl.ac.th , and Anon Namin (RMUTL, Thailand) Email: anamin@rmutl.ac.th


This organized session aims to promote exchange of ideas between RMUT and ECTI researchers on latest trend on advances on electrical engineering/electronics, computer, telecommunications and Information technology as well as engineering applications. The topics include, but not limited to, power system analysis, electric drives, power converters, IIoT and IoT platform applications, linear and nonlinear control systems, hardware and software implementation, system integration of automation systems, machine learning and deep learning algorithms, performance monitoring, Industrial applications and other related topics. All who are interested in the advances on electrical engineering/electronics, computer, telecommunications and Information technology are welcome to submit papers to this special session. We hope that this session makes opportunity for exchange of ideas in various topics.

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SS15: Special Session on Cybersecurity

Session Organizer(s): Hideya Ochiai (UTokyo, Japan) Email: ochiai@elab.ic.i.u-tokyo.ac.jp , and Kuljaree Tantayakul (PSU, Thailand) Email: kuljaree.t@phuket.psu.ac.th


The importance of cybersecurity is experiencing a growing trend because of the ever-increasing availability of Internet accessible services driven by the diffusion of smart connected devices, e.g. embedded and IoT devices. The consequent exposition to cyber threats demands suitable methodologies, techniques and tools allowing to adequately handle security and privacy issues, arising in such a complex domain. The objective of this special session is to bring together researchers and practitioners to present and exchange research results on the advances in cybersecurity. We solicit high-quality, unpublished work offering novel research contributions in any aspect of cybersecurity. Topic includes (but not limited to):

• Access control and authorization
• Anonymity
• Applications of cryptography
• Attacks and defenses
• Authentication
• Blockchain security
• Cloud security
• Cyber physical systems security
• Distributed systems security
• Embedded systems security
• Forensics
• Hardware security
• IoT security and privacy
• Intrusion detection and prevention
• Mobile and Web security and privacy
• Machine learning and AI security
• Network security
• Privacy technologies and mechanisms
• Software security
• Trustworthy computing
• Usable security and privacy

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SS16: Special Session on Advanced Functional Materials

Session Organizer(s): Ploypailin Yongsiri (KMITL, Thailand) Email: ploypailin.yo@kmitl.ac.th, and Chanon Warisarn (KMITL, Thailand) Email: chanon.wa@kmitl.ac.th


This session will introduce the present status of advanced functional materials cover the topics of the basic research and the potential applications in green environment, energy storage devices, construction, medical, electronics and photonics. This session aims to unveil many interesting and promising material properties to get across the chasm between materials, technologies, devices, and their applications. This effort will require a multi-disciplinary approach combining research in materials design, processing, modelling, characterization, and metrology.

Topics: All topics related to advanced functional materials:
• Ceramic and Glass Technology
• Condensed Matter and Computational Materials Science
• Advanced Polymer and Composites Materials and Applications
• Energy and Environment Materials and Applications
• Advanced Fabrication, Characterization and Devices
• Optical and Electronic Materials and Applications

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SS17: Special Session on Advanced Data Storage Technology for Sustainable Future

Session Organizer(s): Chanon Warisarn (KMITL, Thailand) Email: chanon.wa@kmitl.ac.th


This Session aims at promoting advances in state-of-the-art communications, signal processing and coding technologies to enhance data storage systems so as to achieve high storage capacity. It includes new and novel storage technologies that are capable of increasing storage capacity such as Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR), Bit-Patterned Media Recording (BPMR), Two-Dimensional Magnetic Recording (TDMR), Thermal-Assisted Magnetic Recording (TAMR), and Non-volatile Storage Memory.

Topics: All topics related to advanced data storage technology for sustainable future:
• Recording modeling, theory and testing
• Recording systems, coding, servo, actuators and channels
• Energy assisted recording
• Hybrid and novel recording
• Recording heads and materials
• New alternative data storage device

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SS18: ECTI-SICE Special Session on Advances in Control Engineering and Applications

Session Organizer(s): Sudchai Boonto (KMUTT, Thailand) Email: sudchai.boo@kmutt.ac.th , and Kou Yamada (Gunma U., Japan) Email: yamada@gunma-u.ac.jp


This organized session promotes the exchange of ideas between ECTI and SICE researchers on the latest trend on robust control, safety control, monitoring system, and engineering applications. The topics include, but are not limited to, system analysis of complex dynamical systems, control design of dynamical systems, hardware and software implementation, system integration of automation systems, efficient operation and effective maintenance, performance monitoring and verification procedures, and other related topics.

Topics: All topics related to advances in control engineering and applications

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SS19: Special Session on Modular Structure in DC Power Electronic Systems

Session Organizer(s): Matheepot Phattanasak (KMUTNB, Thailand) Email: matheepot.p@fte.kmutnb.ac.th , and Roghayeh Gavagsaz-Ghoachani (Shahid Beheshti U., Iran) Email: r_gavagsaz@sbu.ac.ir


Highlight: This special session is designed as a discussion stage for academic researchers and industrial engineers to share emerging technologies, advanced control methods on modular structures in DC Power Electronic systems. Simulation and experimental results are welcome.

Topics: All topics related to modular structure in DC power electronics systems, but are not limited to:

• Modular Structure of DC-DC converters
• Multi-input DC-DC converters
• Controls of Modular Structure of DC-DC converters
• Controls of Multi-input DC-DC converters
• Applications of the modular structure of DC-DC converters applications such as renewable energy, transportation, etc.

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SS20: Special Session on Communication Technologies on GNSS, Image Processing, Smart farming, and AI telehealth

Session Organizer(s): Sarinya Pasakawee (NIMT, Thailand) Email: sarinya@nimt.or.th, Kornpatsitt Promasa (NIMT, Thailand), and Vitawat Sittakul (KMUTNB, Thailand) Email: vitawat.sittakul@gmail.com


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand of communication technologies has arisen for investment. These affected many modes of human’s life. It is not only communication is for connecting people, but also for collecting most information resources to harmonize living.

This special session is proposed for all kinds uses for communication technologies which include the theoretical and applied research in the areas of as follows;

• Recent developments and future trends in GNSS
• Image Processing
• Smart farming and IoT
• AI telehealth

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SS21: Special Session on AI-based Medical Devices and Emerging Medical Applications

Session Organizer(s): Yodchanan Wongsawat (MU, Thailand) Email: yodchanan.won@mahidol.ac.th and Dumnoensun Pruksakorn (CMU, Thailand Email: dumnoensun@hotmail.com


In the era of big data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes one of the keys drivers for the emerging disruptive technology. Medical Devices also greatly benefit from AI. In medical research points of view, AI-based medical devices will also be able to create the new medical interventions. Therefore, the scopes of the session include 1) Emerging AI-based medical devices, 2) New medical intervention according to the AI-based medical devices, 3) Big data in medicine, 4) Telemedicine, 5) AI-related Point-of-Care medical service.

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